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Welcome to the world of Bearded Dragons.  Some come to think they can own one, but in reality they own you.  They work their magic on you and mystical things begin to happen.  You will soon find that you can speak their language, bobbing and waving back as they acknowledge your presence in their realm.  You will become their chariot, as you carry them on your shoulder, or find yourself their throne as you sit and watch TV together.  They will make you feel loved, when they show their trust, by snuggling down and falling asleep on you.  These enchanting little dragons can soften the hearts of even those that don't like reptiles.  They are intelligent and naturally tame, easy to care for and make a great first reptile if you never have owned one.   Please feel free to wander my lair to learn more about them or even to adopt one that has worked its magic on you during your visit.  I am happy to assist or answer any questions you have about them.  You can contact me at Info@DeborahsDragons.com anytime.




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